Its okay… to own Art


Never fancied yourself as the arty type? No me neither. Not until I was introduced to the The BearHug Co

For Christmas 2013, my boyfriend took a gamble and decided that one of my presents would be a piece of art. How he stumbled across it, I have no idea, but on Christmas Day morning, I became the new owner of the rugged multicolour wolf above, a piece by relatively up and coming Luke Dixon, an artist from the North East of England (coincidentally the town I was born in) and owner of The BearHug Co.

I fell in love with it automatically and for the first time, began to think seriously about collecting art. This wasn’t just a canvas pulled off the shelf at TK Maxx or bought by many in IKEA. This was a piece of art that my boyfriend had invested money in to and which has taken pride of place in every house we’ve lived in since (its ordained 3 different walls so far.)

And our obsession started right there. For every birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, or just me returning from a week away working (bless him); since Christmas 2013, we have collected BearHugCo pieces. We now have a Wolf, a Fox, a Stag, a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear (Oh My!… sorry). We also have three jumpers, four t-shirts and a beanie between us. And I’m sure the list will keep on growing.

We are not buying Luke’s work because its an investment (although dude, if you fancy becoming the next Picasso, we’re right behind you!) and unfortunately, we can’t afford Luke’s originals just yet ( one day). But for the most part, the pieces we do buy are one of 100 prints, sealed by the Artist and they are fantastic creations!

You do not have to be rich to own art. You do not have to know the works of the greats to own it. You appreciate it. And it brightens the fuck out of our walls!

All our friends comment on it and some have even gone on to buy their own prints or simply find other artists to start their own little collection.

With BearHugCo now lording it around with nearly 20k followers on Instagram and Luke’s own collection of over 300k likes on Facebook, our best kept secret is no longer a bloody secret! But to see their business take off, we feel proud that we’ve been along for the ride for the last 3 years.

Its my birthday on June 13th so I’ve been eyeing up a pretty good looking Owl on their website. Hopefully every room in our house will have BearHugCo art and at some point we’ll start branching out for other artists with similar styles.

So get on the internet, go have a gander and buy yourself some art. Its really okay.

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