Its okay… to learn from your dog


This is my dog Foxes. This little lady has been with us for nearly 6 months now and boy has she taught us a lot.

On November 26th 2015, at around 22:30 at night, I was driving home when I noticed a little flash of blonde out of the corner of my eye on the side of the road. I guessed it was a dog. It looked like a dog. I suspected a dog walker out for a late night stroll with its loyal companion just out a few yards ahead. But as I got to my turning, something stopped me. Both literally and metaphorically, I felt at a fork in the road. Something didn’t feel right. So I turned a screaming Uwey (as my mums calls it) and I headed back to where I’d spotted something. I pulled up and stepped out of the car and there, on the other side of the road, was the wispiest, skinniest, saddest looking dog with the most beautiful big brown eyes.

With only a biscuit tin in the car (Fox’s Biscuits- get it?) I goaded her to me with the promise of bourbons and custard creams. With the help of a very kind stranger, we managed to get her into my car. She weighed little and did nothing to stop these two humans from placing her on the back seat.

I rang my boy ‘Babe, I’m bringing a dog home.’ and I rang my Mum ‘Right, here’s what you need to do…’. She’s a full time protector of canines. She honestly prefers them to people.

Fast forward 1 month, its Christmas, we’re skint from nursing her back to health and we’ve turned down 3 perfectly acceptable people who offered to take her in. (She wasn’t chipped and through various opinions, including the vets, we realised she was probably a travellers dog.) By Christmas, we had accepted defeat and new that this little girl was going absolutely no where. With our fabulous parents help, we spent a lot of money, moved house, cut short lots of social events and moved around our schedules just for her.

And these are the reasons why:

My dog taught me that all of us deserve a second chance.

My dog taught me to forgive even when every human in your short life so far has mistreated you.

My dog taught me that a healthy appetite is not a bad thing.

My dog taught me that I am loved unconditionally.

My dog taught me that I can be so bewitched by something that I’m actually willing to pick up its shit.

My dog taught me that good food is a privilege for some.

My dog taught me that afternoon naps are the best.

My dog taught me to put the needs of others before my own.

My dog taught me to just enjoy nature.

My dog taught me that curtains can be really scary

My dog taught me and my boyfriend how to nurse and look after something together.

My dog taught me that me and my boyfriend are good people with good hearts.

My dog taught me that our parents are willing to do anything to make up happy. (Which includes paying towards vet bills when you don’t even like dogs…).

My dog taught me that stairs are really hard when you’ve never used them before.

My dog taught me the joy of just playing fetch (Ever met a 2 year old dog who doesn’t know how to play? Its heart-breaking).

My dog taught me that us girls deserve to be treated like absolute princesses (She slays).

My dog taught me that my boy is actually a massive softie.

My dog taught my boy that having a girl isn’t all bad (She’s his princess).

My dog taught me that popcorn is to be shared

My dog taught me that our bed is big enough for three…

As is the sofa…. and the front seats of the car… apparently.

My dog taught me that she was the missing link in our little unit.

My dog taught me that rescue dogs are not lost causes.

My dog taught me that I am doing okay at this whole adult thing and that I have saved the life of this tiny little creature… can’t be doing too bad.





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